Complete Beverage Catering

We cater more than just alcoholic beverages. For each event, we include a self-serve water and lemonade station, sodas, and we mix mocktails for all your guests that don't want to drink alcohol. We also take great care of all the kiddos' beverage needs. Each and every one of your guests comes to us for their refreshment!


Custom Signature Cocktails 

We plan two custom signature cocktails to represent your unique event, and use fresh juices, handmade syrups, and unique seasonal and local garnishes to dress them. We then consult with you on your entire beverage menu in order to provide you with a shopping list for the alcoholic items that will be needed to execute the desired service. We give detailed instructions for shopping and on what to do with the alcohol leading up to the event.


Ease of Delivery

In addition to all non alcoholic liquids, we handle the ice and all plastic supplies. We bring any needed coolers, table tops, and other necessary equipment. We take care of every single thing besides the purchase of the alcohol.


Licenses and Insurance

All our staff members are certified with the State of Arizona to serve alcohol responsibly and we also have a $2 million liquor liability insurance policy. We are experienced and well rehearsed in events and the flow of service during events. 



We offer staffing to help with your food service needs, bussing to help maintain trash, and cocktailing to help prevent a bar line. We can deliver table-side wine and/or champagne service. Other available add-ons include coffee service, and alcohol pick-up and delivery. 



We truly provide an all encompassing and professional service that covers all your beverage needs and adds a unique and memorable aesthetic element to your special day!



Arizona law dictates that we cannot include alcohol as part of our service. Purchasing your own alcohol means you save on the up-charges. You can control your cost and have your favorites at your event! We provide detailed shopping lists and instructions and can help facilitate ordering and delivery for ease of service.